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Pomegranate seed oil Pomegranate Seed Oil

Co2 Extracted  Punica Granetum ( Pomegranate ) seed oil is pale yellow colored liquid looks like edible oil giving aroma like melted baking chocolate.

› Fatty oil with more than 60% punicinic acid a valuable conjugated Linolenic acid .
› Tocopherols
› Squalene (small quantity)


› As dietary supplement as cancer inhibiting and to protect cardiovascular mall functioning
› Normalizing Lipid metabolism in case of obese and hyperlipidimic conditions.
› Cosmetic Products for anti ageing and wrinkle lift creams.
› stimulates keratinocyte proliferation, promoting regeneration of epidermis ..
› fights skin cancer.

Health benefits

› Relieves muscular pain if applied directly.
› Cosmetics ( anti ageing and wrinkle lift creams and ointments 100% natural no side effects.
› Due to anti bacterial properties can be formulated for inhibiting cream on wounds

Pomegranate seed oil is a high value ingredient for cosmetic  creams , oils and a dietary supplement .due to rich content of punicinic acid tocopherols and squalene .  This oil is capable to solve all the problems of skin such as dryness , irritation , reproduction of skin cells ,moisturizing etc.  This great source to keep  your skin younger.